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White Bread - Unbleached flour and two stage fermentation

White Tin (800gm) £2.10:
White Farmhouse (800gm) £2.10:
White Brick (800gm) £2.10:
White Bloomer (400gm) £1.95:
White Bloomer (800gm) £2.60:
White Country (400gm) £1.95:

Wholemeal Bread - 100% wholemeal, long fermentation

Wholemeal Tin (800gm) £2.10:
Wholemeal Farmhouse (800gm) £2.10:
Wholemeal Brick (800gm) £2.10:
Wholemeal Cob (400gm) £1.95:

Granary Bread - 100% crunchy granary flour with a dark malty flavour

Rustic Cob (400gm) £1.95:
Granary Bloomer (400gm) £1.95:
Granary Bloomer (800gm) £2.60:
Granary Brick (800gm) £2.10:
Granary Farmhouse (800gm) £2.10:

Speciality Bread

Rustic Baguette £1.75:  
Stoneground Sourdough £3.95:  
Date, Sultana and Pecan £3.25:  
Focaccia - garlic and rosemary with olive oil (Available Friday and Saturday Only) £3.50:  
Focaccia - roasted onion and rosemary (Available Friday and Saturday Only) £3.50:  
Olive and Herb De Provence - french dark rye / white + olives (Available Friday and Saturday Only) £3.25:  
Sundried Tomato - unbleached white + sundried tomato (Available Friday and Saturday Only) £3.25:  
Rye, Pumpernickel & Molasses (Available Friday and Saturday Only) £4.95:  

Veg Boxes

Take home a veg box with a fantastic selection of fresh veg:  

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